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IronTrainer Software Review

Top Rated Product
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X-Size Weight Training Software


What is IronTrainer?

IronTrainer is a personal training program designed for weight training, cardio training, and diet management. Designed for the needs of both beginners and advanced users alike, IronTrainer is the ideal solution for:

The IronTrainer Difference

Most workout software on the market simply acts as a database for your information. That's a nice feature, but it's not very functional--after all, you could do the same thing using a simple notebook or a spreadsheet.

IronTrainer 2, however, puts a lot more power at your fingertips. In addition to tracking every detail of your training, IronTrainer also provides you with tools to plan new workout routines, monitor your strength levels, set new goals, and perform the kind of in-depth training analysis used by professional strength coaches.

With IronTrainer you can schedule your workouts in advance, print them to take with you to the gym, and then quickly and easily record your results. IronTrainer does the rest, calculating your strength gains, 1 rep maxes, training volume, and more. IronTrainer 2's unique Analysis Module ties together all the data you enter in the program, including Cardio, Diet, Body Weight, Recovery, and Supplements, to put together a complete picture of how effective your training strategy really is. You'll be able to determine:

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