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Weight Training For The Martial Arts

By Mike Jesowshek

Martial arts is all about the core of the body. The core of the body is the mid section. This is where all the power in kicks, punches, and throws is generated. Building up your abdominal muscles will help you greatly in martial arts. What many people donít know is that the abdominal muscle actually gets stronger using weight and doing reps under 15. Do not make the mistake and start your routine using the heavy weights right away. Work your way up. Start you program using no weights or very small weights and then work your way up. Start to prepare your body for the program you are starting. While lifting try to keep these things in mind. The majority of athletic training should be in the standing position using free weights. Machines limit the range of motion and free weights help you stabilize and control your muscles. Train with explosiveness, meaning train as you actually would act in the sport or life. Train with perfect form. Practice/Training doesnít make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Change your program up. You canít keep doing the same thing over and over, or your muscles will become use to it and lead to negative effects. Change your program up a little bit, do your exercises in different orders and different techniques. Do not try to just lift the most weight you can, try to lift the most weight you can while also keeping perfect form. If you are feeling sore while lifting, do not lift as much that day. Soreness and intensive lifting leads to an injury. Training means absolutely nothing if you overcome an injury! Do not do any aerobic training. There is nothing in martial arts that is done aerobically. It is done at high intensity at full speeds, usually without much oxygen. Instead of doing many different phases like hypertrophy, strength, speed, etc. just use two different phases called buildup and strengthening.

Do not do more of something until you can do it perfect. More is not better. Perfection is better. Martial arts is about training at high intensity. Make sure everything is done fast, just like in the actual sport. Remember the rule of thumb for training. It is not to get stronger, but more or less to improve athletic performance in the specific sport. The greatest athletes in the world, do not always have the greatest bench press. Overall martial arts is all about strength endurance, and you canít achieve all of that by just training in the weight room.

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