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SAN Nutrition Tight Fat Burner

Tight! has a proprietary blend of over eight ingredients that attack fat loss from every possible angle. The Synephrine, Sclareolide and Guggulsterones E & Z in Tight! increase resting metabolism, body fat breakdown and thyroid function, while the Yohimbine mobilizes body fat from the hard to lose areas such as thighs, glutes and abdominals. Vinpocetine is also included to support blood flow and concentration, allowing you to stay alert, focused on your diet and motivated for your workouts. Tight! also has added Bioperine, a substance that significantly enhances the absorption of the nutrients that it is taken with to bring results even faster. In conjunction with a reduced calorie diet, this comprehensive formula will strip off body fat fast!

San Tight User Reviews

I'm on my 4th bottle of tight so far - workout 6 days a week, cardio & weight the balanced 6 small meals per day down.  It hasn't helped me lose any body fat....nadda. I'm a girl....and I keep gaining muscle - but the fat just won't go away - have been "stuck" for over a year!

Great product! I take 1 pill before cardio and it gives me great energy and I sweat like crazy. As for burning fat I let my diet and exercise do that not a pill. If you are looking for a quick fix get lipo there is no pill that will make you lose weight all by itself.
Tight is the first fat burner I tried..I only took Tight (no ephedrine or anything) and I guess it's alright. I for sure didn't gain any weight, got a tad bit more definition in the ab area, but overall, I dont think its worth it. Better off going on a clean diet.
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