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About ThermoGain

The thermogenic supplement you are using does not help you build muscle! That's right. Regular thermogenics do nothing to help you keep all your hard-earned muscle while you're dieting to get shredded! Sure, some regular thermogenics might raise your metabolism to help you burn off some calories, but until now, no thermogenic has ever been designed to help you build muscle while burning those calories. Let's face it: Bodybuilding without building muscle is like playing baseball without a ball. It just doesn't work! You're just wasting your time taking regular thermogenics if you're looking for impressive size and cuts!

MuscleTech Thermo Gain User Reviews

I started taking this and the first three weeks i got excellent results. But then when i stopped taking it and then i started getting bad headaches. Then i felt a loss of energy and started getting weaker. If your going to take this stuff. Plan on taking it for the rest of your life to keep the gains and to avoid the side effects of headaches.

Well it works really well i have alot of enerygy with it.. but when i stop taking the pills for a day i have a real low day no energy.
ThermoGain rocks! I take a serving at 5:30 am, again at 11:30 am, then last at 4:30 pm. I feel AMAZING all throughout the day and I don't have that normal "end of day" crash feeling. I sleep great and I feel great! Much more energy to workout and keep going through the day.
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