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Training Partners - The Key to Success!

By : Mike Jesowshek

Donít want to deal with a partner always by your side? Well too bad, it is proven that having a workout partner you will achieve much more success and gains. A training partner helps you with that extra rep, motivation, and anything you can think of. Not any old training partner will do the job though. A person with a partner that does pretty much nothing but keep company would be better off working on there own. Everyone should know what it takes to be a great training partner and that is what Iím here to teach you guys.

When looking for a workout partner, make sure you spend a lot of time. Donít just find someone that's in great shape and ask them to be your partner. When looking for a training partner you want to make sure that they are reliable. They will be at the gym on time every day, if not five minutes early. Like the old saying always said, Itís better to be an hour early than a minute late. While waiting for your partner to arrive, you may become unfocused and lose any concentration/motivation you had to lift. Be friendly, donít try to be the tough guy in the gym and make fun of weaker and less experienced lifters. A great partner helps out everyone in the gym, not just themselves. Making friends in the gym is key. The more friends you make, the more people you can lift with and feel at home with. Feeling comfortable while lifting is also very important!

Find a partner with goals just like yours. It is hard to lift with someone that is way behind or ahead of you strength wise. Try to find someone that gains muscle at the same rate you do. Have the same goals and be aiming for the same product. Nothing is worse than having to switch the weights on the bar every other set for the other partner. Another great thing about having partners is knowledge. Two heads work better than one. It never hurts to have more ideas rolling around. One rule of thumb to always remember, your training partner is ALWAYS your best friend that you wonĎt let down for anybody!

Editors Note: Visit Cyber Workout Buddy to find a training parner online!

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