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Universal Nutrition Shock Therapy Information

If you are looking for a pre-workout shake that will help power you up for the gym and make you feel like hitting the plates, wait no longer. The nitric oxide (NO) activators, creatine and stimulants in this formula will energize you while helping to make you look more vascular and gain size. Shock Therapy™ can actually motivate you to get into the gym and hit the weights! Unlike many of the other pre-workout NO products on the market, we include an antioxidant complex that is essential when taking nitric oxide stimulating ingredients, due to their oxidative nature on human cells. Now you can have the “perpetual pump,” the intense workout you crave, and keep your body safe from the free radicals that are produced as a side effect of the nitric oxide activation process.

Universal Nutrition Shock Therapy 
User Reviews

Anyways, after taking Shock Therapy and going to the gym, the pumps in my arms were awesome! I know what a good pump feels like at the gym, but this felt different. It felt like my arms were solid and swolen.
I felt a little more energy and a slight pump the first day I used it and that was it. The taste is pretty bad too; my friend and I had to drink it together before each workout just to force the other one to finish it. So overall, this stuff is pretty worthless considering you have to pay money to drink something nasty.
Good product gave good pumps, focus, strength and energy, but everytime I did wind sprints I felt sick to my stomach other than that the product is good. when I used shock therapy I could squat about 20 lbs. more then on days I didn't. Hope this review helps!
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