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Virtual Trainer Software Review

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personal trainer software
X-Size Personal Trainer Software


Vista Virtual Trainer - This revolutionary software application assists individuals in maximizing their strength and fitness gains through the use of computer optimized and monitored training protocols. Unlike simple electronic clipboards which only allow trainees to record their workout specifics, Virtual Trainer's built-in intelligence takes workout data and through sophisticated predictive modeling and proprietary logic notifies the trainee of the need to increase weight on a given exercise, change routines, or take a layoff. Furthermore, based on a trainee's unique muscle fiber type, recuperative ability, training goals, and recent workout performance, Virtual Trainer can predict and continually update their optimal training frequency. Virtual Trainer's graphing capabilities allow trainees to view graphs illustrating their workout performance on any exercise, as well as, their overall fitness improvement in any of a number of body statistics. Unlike the electronic notebooks, Virtual Trainer's proprietary logic can take varying exercise styles (e.g. Negative Failure training; Super Slow training; Positive Failure, Static Hold To Failure training etc.) and meaningfully compare performance - something which simple charting packages will not do. Virtual Trainer helps trainees maximize their training progress at a rate that is only limited by their own unique genetic potential.


Includes windows for entering your fitness history, exercise goals, workout schedule preferences, and an unlimited photo history journal.

Includes a graphical journal for entering on-going health and fitness statistics such as resting heart rate, blood pressure, height/weight, bodyfat %, and body measurements (16 points). Includes a worksheet for automating bodyfat calculation through skin-fold caliper measurements, as well as an anthropometric estimation of bodyfat.

Includes a graphical fiber type journal for entering your fiber type composition in each muscle group (35 key groups). Worksheet window is provided for entering Time Under Tension (TUT) values or 1 Rep Max and 80% of 1RM. Virtual Trainer auto-calculates your target minimum and maximum TUT for each muscle group and incorporates these parameters into the determination of workout weights, frequency and routine selection.

Includes a recuperative ability assessment interview for use (in part) in determining a your optimum rest days between workouts.

Virtual Trainer will suggest suitable routines for you from its library of 25 professionally designed routines based on an in depth analysis of your fiber type, recuperative abilities, training level and goal type preferences.

Includes a graphing and analysis engine for determining your performance progress. Virtual Trainer's VTU's allow any exercise to be accurately compared over time regardless of the Style employed. For example, a Positive Failure set can be accurately compared to a Negative Failure set, a Super Slow set, a Static Hold To Failure set, etc.

Includes a graphing engine for trend charting your biostatistics e.g. body measurements (16 points), resting pulse rate, etc.

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