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Weight Lifting Wrestling

By Mike Jesowshek

There is a lot more to wrestling that just being strong and weight lifting.Being in the weight room every day is just the start to become a great wrestler.You must also have good endurance.Weight training in wrestling really consists of three main pieces of equipment.The three main pieces of equipment are barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells.By using barbells you can do some of the main core exercises: bench press, squats, and deadlifts.Training with dumbbells allows you to select exercises based on their similarity to actual movements that occur during wrestling.Dumbbells require a lot more balance and balance is important for optimal performance.Some good wrestling dumbbell exercises are DB raise to armpit, upright rows, bent over rows, squat to push press, lunges, lateral raises.

There are four categories of physical attributes that can be increased by using kettlebells.Grip strength increases greatly while using kettlebells.While wrestling grip is a huge part in getting a hold of your competition.You also get strength endurance out of using kettlebells.To get full strength endurance out of kettlebells you should build up a high rep count.Start with 5 and work your way up to 20 reps over time.Endurance takes more time to build than strength does.Core strength is also gained out of using kettlebells.Core muscles include everything from the top of your legs to the bottom of your chest.An excellent exercise for wrestlers to use is to stand with a wide stance and circle the bell around your body passing it from hand to hand as you go.Doing figure 8ís between your legs and reverse the direction often.The faster you move and the more often you reverse the direction, the more core strength you will gain.Explosive power is the final benefit of using kettlebells.It is the explosive lifts that cause the greatest forces to be transferred to the hand, core, and posterior chain.Of all the tools used to weight train for a wrestler, kettlebells are obviously the most beneficial.

A complete wrestling athlete will have excellent speed, muscular and aerobic endurance, superior joint strength and flexibility, and awesome power and explosiveness.You can get bigger gains by using the above equipment instead of those useless machines that are taking over gyms across the country.Being as lean as you possibly can is critical in the wrestling world.Cutting must be taken into a huge consideration. To start cutting it is best to lift with high intensity and wear and a lower calories diet to lose as much weight as possible.I hope you wrestlers take this information into consideration and use it to succeed and become your best.

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