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Weight Training for Baseball

By Mike Jesowshek

Weight training for baseball is different than many other sports. During the off-season it is extremely important and maybe even mandatory to have a strength and conditioning program. The baseball season is much longer than most other sports and because of this you want to make sure you are injury free throughout the whole season. Strength training is great for developing a strong base which is need to play baseball consistently at a high level of intensity. Baseball is a game of explosive powerful movements. The forces involved in hitting and throwing and generated in the legs and hips and then transferred by the trunk to the arms and hands. When strength training for baseball you must realize that all body parts have to be trained equally or you will have a greater chance of injury. While strength training you must make sure that you use to proper technique and form or all training will be useless.

Many coaches and parents believe that squatting is pointless for a baseball player. They are completely wrong. Squatting is the core exercise that helps strengthen the legs. Legs are a huge part in pitching. Squatting is actually almost mandatory to any serious baseball player. While doing arm exercises it is important to key on triceps and forearm work. You will not once use your bicep muscle while playing baseball. Every swing you take you extend your arm and flex your triceps. Therefore having developed triceps will build explosion to your swing. I stress pitchers and all baseball players to do long toss a lot. Long toss is how you build a strong arm and are able to throw as far as you can. Although you can improve your performance a lot in the weight room, you canít make a pitcher throw 100 mph from just working in the weight room. Long toss should be done every other day.

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