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Weight Training for Sports

By Mike Jesowshek

weight training is essential for all sports. Weight lifting for sports is mandatory to become the best. Weight training isnít all about what you do in the weight room. It also involves nutrition, supplementation, and rest. I will first talk about work Inside the weight room. Resistance training is a must if you want to gain strength. This doesnít mean that cardio and body weight exercises wonít help you, it just means that those alone will not leave you with any gains. Compound lifts are preferred over isolation lifts because they not only make you stronger, but induce more stress on muscles and allow you to accomplish more in less time. The only time it pays to do isolation lifts is if you have a specific weak muscle that needs to be targeted separately to try and get it caught up to the other muscles. As a beginner I would suggest to do basic compound lifts and work your way up as you become more advanced. I would suggest to also use a split workout routine. Your probably now asking what kind of set/rep situation would be the best. There is no certain numbers you should use, but the key is to switch it up. If you do 3 sets of 10 for a few weeks change it up the next time to 5 sets of 5. It is good to change everything up once in awhile to prevent your body from going into a plateau.

Nutrition and supplementation is also very important to create the complete athlete. Many kids in high school donít know how to eat right and thatís what kills them in weight training. You are probably wondering what foods are good and what foods arenít. For a rule of thumb think that if the food has a expiration date, it is most likely good. If the food has a shelf life of 20 years, stay away from it! Examples of good foods are nuts, peanut butter, beans, wheat products, fruits, eggs, vegetables, etc. When bulking up try to have as many meals during the day as you can. As for liquids stick to strictly water and green tea. Soda should be avoided at all times, except for special occasions (weddings, etc.). Now lets talk about supplements. When buying supplements if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and stay away from it! As a beginner and for teenagers I suggest protein power, multi vitamins, and creatine. Protein powder is the base of an athletes nutrition. Creatine is simple to understand and simple to use. So far there are no known serious side effects of using it. You should take creatine about 45 minutes before your workout. On days you donít workout you should take it in the morning. Immediately after your workout you should put some carbohydrates into your body. Multi-vitamins are just overall good for everyone. It is very hard to get every single vitamin and mineral that you need through your diet and this is why multivitamins are very helpful.

I will now talk to you about recovery and rest. Recovery is probably the most overlooked area of sport training. Most teenagers think recovery is just something that will happen on its own. They are wrong. Recovery is very important. With good recovery an athlete will be able to limit soreness, have more energy, and get there body prepared for the next sporting event. Be sure to stretch before lifting every single day or you will be more likely for an injury. Try to reduce the amount of stress in your life and that will also help you achieve your athletic goals.

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