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Weight Training for Basketball Players

By Mike Jesowshek

Strength training should be safe, time efficient, and productive. If it does not meet any one of those things, its not helping you at all. I am going to tell you how to achieve those three main things so you can gain something out of strength training. Safety is about performing each exercise with perfect form. Go slow, and take your time. For example, when bench pressing donít let the bar slam down on your chest and then push it up. Go slow down and then explode up. Work within proper rep range. The average rep range for adults is 5-25. Have short but intense workouts. When you take rests, try to make them short. Train the entire body equally. Train at high intensity levels but remembering to keep proper form. Keep a workout log so you can see your progress.

You should have 3 - 4 workouts per week each last anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. Each exercise should have between 2 and 3 sets with reps anywhere from 6 to 20. There should be about a total of 10-15 exercises each workout. Perform each set to muscle fatigue. Some excellent exercises for basketball are leg press, leg extension, leg curl, hip adduction, hip flexion, low back, abdominals, chest fly, chest pres, pullover, pull down, lateral raise, shoulder press, rows, triceps, curling, forearms. Just remember, being in the weight room is not considered strength training. You must perform each exercise to perfection, or you will see more lose than gain.

I will now go through 10 tips while strength training for basketball. Perform controlled and slow reps, with no bouncing or quick movements. Take each set to the point where you canít do any more reps in good form. You must increase the weight consistently to get stronger. Try to get 8-10 reps for upper body and 12-15 reps for lower body. Train each body part equally. Itís not good when you can bench more than you can squat! Remember the old saying ďItís not how much you do, its how hard you do it!Ē. Donít try to impress the coach by how much weight you can lift. Impress the coach by your proper form. Train the larger muscles earlier in the workout while youíre muscles are fresh and ready to go. Do not overtrain, it will only make you weaker in the long run! Keep record of your gains, so you can see how much improvement you have made. If you are going to use complicated lifting techniques make sure you know what you are doing and do them properly!

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