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About Creatine

truth about creatine
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The Truth About Creatine Supplements

It seems that creatine was always destined to be the king of the supplement world since it was first launched to the public in 1993. There are now hundreds of different creatine products that you can buy and they range from capsules to chewing gum, the choices seem endless.

But just like anything that is so successful with sales there is also a lot of misinformation out there on the real truth of what creatine actually is and how and why it works. The first thing that we need to cover is the side effects that you can expect to get from taking creatine on a regular basis.

The only significant side effect that has been consistently reported in scientific and medical literature has been weight gain. However, there have been a number of reported side effects such as stomach problems, muscle cramping, dehydration, and increased risk of muscle strains/pulls. There has also been concern that short and/or long-term creatine supplementation may increase renal (kidney) stress, but not proven.

As mentioned above there are many different forms of creatine that you can take. Most of the extensive study that has been done on creatine has been done on creatine monohydrate but it should be noted that creatine monohydrate gets destroyed by the acid in your stomach and it could only be 40% of the actual creatine that you take which will get into your bloodstream.

Since creatine has become a popular supplement, there are a number of different forms of creatine that have been marketed (e.g., creatine candy/bars, liquid creatine, creatine gum, creatine citrate, effervescent creatine, etc). Many of these forms of creatine claim to be better than creatine monohydrate. However, no data indicates that any of these forms of creatine increases creatine uptake to the muscle better than creatine monohydrate.

Research is an ongoing and expensive exercise that never seems to end as they continue to search for the most effective way to get creatine into your bloodstream. Kre-AlkalynŽ Creatine is the most recent innovation that make the ability of creatine to be used by your body more effective.

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