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Amino Acid Pills Bodybuilding

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Facts About Amino Acid Pills

Amino acid pills are used to aid in building muscle and decreasing fat. They are sold as an anabolic agent to help in bodybuilding. Three particular amino acids are; arginine, lysine, and ornithine are used to aid in slimming and accelerate fat loss. Also two other amino acids are being marketed as natural steriods; arginine and ornithine. Amino acids are consider the building blocks of protein, which many believe that they are the main thing for gaining muscle. Your muscles do not grow just from taking amino acids, it is from how much pressure or physical demand is put on your muscles that make them grow, but when this occurs they need amino acids to grow bigger and stronger. When taking amino acids while bodybuilding, some products require you to take them before or after a workout.

Amino Acid Pills vs Whey Protein

Whey protein supplements have 3 catergories; whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein blends. The whey protein concentrate is the cheapest but it is high in fat. Whey protein isolate have more protein, lactose, fat and no carbs. Yet it is more expensive than whey protein concentrate. The whey protein blends are a mix of concentrate and isolate whey protein. It is also the most popular sold and affordable. Whey protein is to help bulk up quicker in a natural way.

Why are amino acids better to take or use. Amino acids are better because they have great health benefits. Amino acids have a propensity in them that triggers your body's muscle building process. Branched amino acids wake many anabolic factors in your body, and act as an agent to support muscle growth and repair. This is one reason why bodybuilders and athletes use amino acid pills to improve their bodies and performance. In a more health aspect aminos aids have helped people get rid of the cold faster. This is why I feel amino acid pills are better then whey protein.

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