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Amino Acid Protein

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Do Amino Acids Help Build Muscle?

Amino acids have been researched and the results in current understanding as to their function is phenomenal. Amino acids are the powerhouse of proteins and are useful in tissue function and repair, and play an important part in just about every metabolic function in the body. Amino acids are responsible for the repair and maintenance of muscle tissue, and is primarily responsible for the creation of muscle mass that bodybuilders and fitness models alike are prized for.

There are twenty three amino acids, and of them there are nine that are considered essential for optimal tissue growth and repair as well as building of muscle. These are generally obtained for use by the body by nutrition or by supplementation. The body can harvest the necessary amino acids from lean meats, fish, and poultry as well as legumes. Some fruits and vegetables such as deep leafy green vegetables, melons, and berries and can supply the human body with essential amino acids. It is important to consider the sources of amino acids taken from the foods that are consumed, as well as how quickly and efficiently they can be made available for use to build muscle. This is called bio-availability.

When using amino acid supplementation for muscle-building, it is important to consider the optimal type of protein supplementation that will give the greatest results. Taking in supplements and fast-ingesting proteins is best done after the workout so that the body can use them quickly for absorption and protein synthesis.

Amino acids such as Valine, Isoleucine, and Leucine fall under the category of branch chain amino acids (BCAA's). These amino acids are structurally necessary for the fastest available use for the human body to use muscle. They are usually accessed best with a diet high in protein coupled with complex carbohydrates.

For the best use of amino acids in building muscle tissue, stored fat has to be isolated and used to increase the optimization of glucose production by the liver. This will release yet another amino acid, alanine, that assists the muscle fiber to strengthen and increase in size. Increasing methionine and creatine can increase fat metabolism without stripping essential amino acids and also increasing muscle mass without increase caloric requirements.

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