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Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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What are Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements?

Have you been working out hours on end without the results you desire? Are you just getting into the bodybuilding arena and have no idea where to begin as far as supplements are concerned?

Beyond the tried and true methods of proper exercise and diet, there are what are known as Anabolic supplements. These are basically ingredients to help you build muscle faster.

Which Bodybuilding Supplements Are Anabolic?

Amino acids in and of themselves are anabolic. They are the building blocks of the skeletal muscles. Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are the most important of the essential amino acids for the effective synthesis of proteins during and after a strenuous resistance exercise. If you want a great muscle building supplement with amino acids then look for one that contains those three.

Creatine has become confused in the minds of bodybuilders since it was released. Many people confuse the muscular growth with steroids. This is not the case. Creatine pumps your muscles up and allows you to work harder and longer. However, it is not a steroid. It is a legal supplement and it can be considered anbolic, because it helps you build you size and strength faster. If you decide to use creatine supplements then you will not be disappointed.

Testosterone boosters are supplements that aid in the production levels of testosterone. There are three that are recommended. The first is the natural substances Tribulus Terrestris which helps the body to create more of it's own natural testosterone. The second is Chrysin which is an estrogen inhibitor that reduces the level of that hormone. The final supplement for testosterone increase is to help with prostate health and generally involves some form of saw palmetto.

Testosterone is essential to the performance of working muscle during physical training. This hormone stimulates muscle growth and increases lean mass.

Finally we have, ecdysterone. Ecdysterone extract comes from the plant Cyanotis vega. Bodybuilders take ecdysterones to increase muscle mass and lower body fat percentage. Ecdysterone is said to increase muscle mass by increasing nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. It is also said to help with fat loss by stimulation of the metabolism. It is non hormonal so it is even good for women.

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