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Anabolic Creatine

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What Is Anabolic Creatine?

Many are not aware that Creatine exists in the body. This natural nutrient is actually responsible for supplying the needed energy to the muscle cells. However, it cannot be used unless it is converted into ATP or adenosine triphosphate. Creatine is actually the combination of methionine, arginine, and glycine. All of the said amino acids came from the liver. It is said that almost all of the creatine can be found at the different muscles in the body, stored until it is needed for future use.

The existence of the creatine in the body gives it a natural way to have a real anabolic boost. There are already a lot of researches made regarding the anabolic effect o9f creatine. Most of these studies showed that those who are using creatine such as athletes and weightlifters had an increase in their lean muscle mass while they were taking creatine supplements. Aside from that, those who have been taking the anabolic creatine supplements for a long time testified that taking creatine helped them to lift more and heavier weights than before. As a result, they get stronger and gain muscle faster.

But other than these studies and testimonials, the anabolic creatine can also give them the intensity as well as the mental focus all at the same time. No wonder why professional athletes, weightlifters, and even simple muscle enthusiasts were using anabolic creatine supplements along with their regular exercise routines.

Is Creatine An Anabolic Steroid?

However, because of its benefits, anabolic creatine is often mistaken as a steroid. Unlike steroids, anabolic creatine is safer as long as you take the right dosage. And because it is a supplement, it does not have to go through the standards inspection of the Food and Drug Administration. As a matter of fact, many high school seniors as well college athletes can easily buy anabolic creatine supplements over the counter without any prescription coming from a health care specialist.

Anabolic Creatine Side Effects

Of course, just like steroids and any supplements or drugs, anabolic creatine also has adverse effects when abused. Some of the negative side effects of taking too much creatine include increase in your weight due to water retention, immediate decrease in energy level when you stop taking the supplement, and even effects on your kidney as well.

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