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Vita Sport Supplements Anabolix

Anabolix Ecdysterone

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed

Anabolix Review

Anabolix could be the single most important advancement in obtaining a total body transformation since steroids!*

A supplement that dramatically increases lean muscle mass and strength all in one capsule? For years the supplement industy has spent a tremendous amount of time and effort, trying to formulate the best lean muscle building compound. For those of us who already incorporate protein, glutamine and a multi-vitamin into our arsenal, simply adding Anabolix could be the answer to helping you obtain your desired physique. The most important thing about this product is that it has been proven safe and effective for men and women. That's right! Anabolix is completely non-hormonal and has no-unwanted side effects that are possible with the use of steroids or pro-hormones. Here is a breakdown of these revolutionary supplements that are redefining the supplement industry.*

Anabolix Ingredients


This new anabolic flavone compound is the most widely talked about bodybuilding supplement in years. According to its U.S. Patent, methoxy is an "anabolically effective compound" that was developed to "produce significant weight gain increase," specifically fat free lean mass. But what makes methoxy truly unique is its function as a "nutrition-partitioning" agent. Methoxy can actually shuttle the nutrients you consume (e.g., protein) selectively into lean mass. Methoxy is truly a groundbreaking new legal supplement that's sure to shake the very foundations of bodybuilding itself.*


Until recently ecdysterone, or beta-ecdysone, was neither legal nor commercially available. Today, ecdysterone is available to bodybuilders everywhere. Ecdysterone is an exciting discovery because it is a natural anabolic agent. How do these phytoecdysterones work? From anecdotal reports, 100mg of ecdysterone can dramatically increase nitrogen retention. The nitrogen-sparing effects ecdysterone can benefit the bodybuilder by increasing the amount of muscle that can be accumulated.*


7-isopropoxyisoflavone, was first synthesized in the late 1960's from naturally occurring isoflavones. But what has caught the eye of bodybuilders and researchers is ipriflavone's ability to boost anabolism. Ipriflavone's anabolic activity has been compared to the anabolic steroids, methenolone, oxandrolone, and stanazolol. Due to its anabolic properties, ipriflavone can selectively increase fat free lean mass. Studies have recorded up to 20% gains in weight from ipriflavone use, even with the same caloric intakes.*


As nutrition-partitioning agents, these substances have tremendous potential for "hardgainers" those bodybuilders who have a difficult time gaining quality weight. With their ability to shuttle nutrients into skeletal muscle formation, athletes can gain lean mass without altering their feeding patterns or caloric intake.*

Anabolix is extremely effective during an "off-cycle" of your prohormone stack. For increased and accelerated results, take Anabolix in conjunction with your favorite prohormone cycle and take your results to the next level.*

Where to Buy Anabolix For Sale?

Sadly Anabolix is longer available. But you can still get an ecdysterone supplement that is just as good if not better, checkout Ecdy-Bolin.

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