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Andro Mark McGwire

andro mark mcgwire
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Mark McGwire and Androstenedione

Back in the late 1990's there was a huge "steroid" debacle at the Tour De France which was followed by the resignation and the guilty pleas of Lance Armstrong. Next came the issue of the famous Baseball player Mark Mcgwire who was found to be taking an Andro supplement.

The media coverage about Mark McGwire and the use of Androstenedione by professional athletes brought up many to questions about society’s attitude towards what constitutes doping in sports.

The controversy first started when a reporter that was doing an interview with Mark Mcgwire took notice of a bottle of Andro in his locker and it was then that the story came out about the issue of performance enhancing supplements being used in sports.

Many people considered the use of the then legal Andro Supplement to be a totally personal matter and not relevant to the rules of baseball.

At the time Androstenedione was sold over the counter and was not illegal or even banned, many athletes and bodybuilders used it regularly.

On the other hand many people felt Mark McGwire was cheating, in fact a few people thought he was taking real steroids and the Andro issue was just a cover up.

The debate has continued to this day about supplements and other substances that enhance an athlete's performance and whether they should be legal or banned from amateur and professional sports. Most agreed it was clear that much more thinking needed to be done about the issue.

Finally in 2004 the U.S. government, decided that Androstenedione was in fact a weaker version of anabolic steroids and made it illegal to buy, sell or possess. Since then many new supplements have come on the market some also were banned or made illegal later, and so the controversy still continues.

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