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AndroTest Review

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed

Prosource AndroTest Extreme Stack

Androtest also known as Androtest Extreme is something that has been launched on the market and competing directly with all the many other natural testosterone enhancements or boosters. It is a very tough industry to get into as the competition is everywhere with an abundance of these types of products.

When Androtest Extreme first launched they had claims in their adverts that certainly looked a bit far-fetched. However on closer examination of the positive reviews it seems that it might be able to hold its own in this market. If there is any problem with the actual ingredients it is that the amount of product and the milligrams that you are getting are not displayed on the bottle.

It consists of five different products which we are going to look at. The first product is Eurycoma Longifolia. Also commonly known as Longjack, Eurycoma Longifolia that is an Indonesian herb that enables the body to produce more testosterone than ever before.

Animal studies have shown that this ingredient leads to greater muscle strength, improved bone density, stronger erections, and increased libido, but human clinical trials are still being evaluated. It may seem that it was released to the public a bit soon but there are a few rave reviews from a few people who now use this product.

The next ingredient that we are going to look at is Tribulus Terrestris which is something that has been used for years as a natural libido-booster. It can naturally increase testosterone levels while decreasing blood pressure and Tribulusí diuretic properties will even promote proper kidney function.

The third product on the list of ingredients is Testofen which is a patented form of Fenugreek that has had a long history of treating reproductive disorders. Studies have shown that Testofen may be able to decrease cholesterol levels (which can have an adverse effect on testosterone), and this ingredient is also a great tool for improving libido and cardiovascular health.

The next is Vitamin E is frequently called a "wonder vitamin" for its ability to neutralize free radicals while also increasing endurance and stamina. By contrast, if you donít have enough Vitamin E in your system, you may not be able to gain the kind of muscle mass you were hoping for, as low Vitamin E is associated with poor circulation. Good circulation is needed to carry the necessary nutrients and added testosterone.

The last product listed on the ingredients on Andro Extreme is Niacin which does not directly build muscle, but it does help support healthy muscles. It helps the body to convert carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into glucose, which is used for energy.

It also helps soothe muscle ache and shorten recovery time. As a bonus, it also supports healthy skin, hair, and eyes, providing a well-rounded approach to bodybuilding and testosterone support. Zinc is a mineral needed at every stage of bodybuilding. High levels of Zinc are needed to support muscle growth as it is used rapidly when youíre bulking up, so itís important to make sure youíre getting as much of this mineral as possible.

AndroTest Supplement Comparison

While AndroTest is very good product, it is in my opinion that Andro Shock is a much better and safer testosterone boosting supplement, checkout Andro Shock.

AndroTest Review

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