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AndroGel Review

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed

AndroGel for Bodybuilding

AndroGel is a daily testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) that has recently been released for sale to the public. It is said to be able to help restore your Testosterone levels to normal. Many people have been asking is AndroGel good for bodybuilding. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about this product so this brief review will look at the benefits and the side effects.

In clinical trials AndroGel improved testosterone levels, energy, sex drive, mood, and muscle mass and weight loss over a six-month period. It is said that most of the people in the trail started liking the ease of application and not taking regular injections.

The users not only were raving about its easy application as a gel rather than shots of testosterone but said it is fast-acting, typically restoring testosterone levels to normal within 24 hours of initial use and reversing the biological effects of lack of testosterone.

AndroGel Side Effects

But the side effects are just as severe as when taking any testosterone replacement. The use of AndroGel may cause acne, application site reaction, the development and enlargement of breasts, minor psychological changes, headaches, heightened blood pressure and prostate disorder. In addition, the price is quite high, turning off some potential customers.

So the bottom line is that this new, much talked about testosterone product on the market called AndroGel has well proven benefits and has been attested to by those who use the product. However, if the physical changes it causes are too much of a risk for you, it is best to avoid use.

Also, AndroGel is a controlled substance, which is available by prescription only used to treat adult males who have very low testosterone levels.

My advice for anyone that does not have advanced low testosterone symptoms is to first try a safer, legal over the counter herbal testosterone booster supplement such as Andro Shock.

AndroGel Review

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