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What is "Andro"?

Androstenedione, pronounced andro-steen-dee-own, is a direct precursor to the hormone testosterone. Andro is produced naturally in every man and woman. In fact, it is found in Scotch pine trees, and this is the reason that some considered it a dietary supplement .

History of Androstenedione

First developed in the 1970's by German researchers, it was given to German Olympic athletes to enhance performance in the games. This supplement first appeared in the United States in the mid 1990's. It was a big seller and sports superstars such as Mark McGwire (who hit 70 home runs in one season) endorsed the supplement pills.

Androstenedione Banned

Senate Bill 2195 also called the Andro Ban was passed by unanimous consent in the United States Senate on October 8th, 2004 and has been signed into law by President Bush.

By passing this bill, the Congress has amended the Controlled Substances Act to include virtually all of these supplements and stacks such as Andro, Andro Spike, Andro XS, etc. The Controlled Substances Act was passed in 1990 and at that time all steroids were classifed as "Schedule III" substances and were put in the same category as heroin, cocaine and other similar narcotics. Now, with the passage of Senate Bill 2195, they have added andro supplements and prohormones to the Controlled Substances Act.

New Legal Andro-Genic Supplement Stack

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