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Are Bodybuilding Supplements A Waste Of Money?

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There are many types of bodybuilding supplements available, some say that these products really work and some say they are all a rip off and a waste of money.

Who is right and who is wrong?

Are Bodybuilding Supplements Worth It?

Bodybuilding supplements are not absolutely needed to increase strength or muscle size. Bodybuilding supplements only enhance your muscle size or muscle strength. The questions that are on every ones mind is "Are bodybuilding supplements a waste of money?", "Are bodybuilding supplements worth it?"

I can tell you from experience some bodybuilding supplements work. In my opinion it also depends on your level of dedication to you workouts, diet and your body type. Just think about it, if youíre just sitting around at home eating fatty foods and decide "Hey! I should do a few sets of push ups" then you sit back down and take a 15 minute break and do it again, thatís not really working out. Then you take a few bodybuilding supplements and wonder why youíre not getting good results. The results of bodybuilding supplements can only be reached by the right amount and type of training, dioet, sleep, etc. If youíre taking whey protein, for excample, you should focus on forcing out more reps in any given set. Whey protein helps produce better muscle gains but only if you are putting in the intense effort needed to stimulate that growth, otherwise it will not make you much bigger than you already were when you started to use it.

If getting bigger is what you want to achieve then something like creatine is what you should invest in. To get the most out of creatine, you should drink a lot of water, consume a large amount of calories daily, and when you work out you should focus more of the weight you life rathen than doing more reps. Try to lift heavier but with lower reps (6 to 8 rep range).

Ultimately in my opinion I don't think bodybuilding supplements are a waste of money. It does call for a little research to find out which ones work and whick ones dont'. First of all you should know what youíre buying. Know what you have to do to make this supplement work and what you need to do to maximize your potential with the supplement. The most important thing is to just be patient. You wonít see much change in the first week, maybe not even that much within the first month. Patience is greatly needed when it comes to progress. You should remember progress doesn't happen over night. It that was true, it wouldn't be called progress; it would be called a miracle!

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