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Are Bodybuilding Supplements Safe?

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How safe are bodybuilding supplements?

Bodybuilding, requires intense training along with proper diet and nutrition. The bodybuilder aims to attain a certain physique; however, reaching that ultimate goal can be extremely difficult. Even a very healthy personís diet may not contain all of the nutrients required to build a large amount of muscle mass. Therefore, many bodybuilders augment their routine with bodybuilding supplements. Lately, however, a few supplements have been shown to be harmful, causing many people to believe that all bodybuilding supplements have a negative effect on the body. Is this true?

Bodybuilding supplement safety

The main concern lies with confusing supplements with anabolic steroids. These products can adversely affect the human body when taken in large doses, damaging the liver and causing heart enlargement. Anabolic steroids also act on the reproductive system, damaging associated organs.

Other dangers lie with untested supplements claiming to be miracle products. Before you begin to take any bodybuilding supplement, do research on the product. A bodybuilding supplement that claims to increase your muscle mass dramatically in an extremely short period of time can be either useless or very dangerous.

However, some bodybuilding supplements, like creatine, amino acid supplements, or protein products pose far fewer risks. Creatine stimulates the uptake of amino acids, which in turn increases muscle growth. In fact, doctors may prescribe creatine supplements to people with neuromuscular and neurodegenerative disorders, as it rebuilds lost muscle tissue, thus increasing the patientís overall strength. This product, along with other protein supplements, can improve bodybuilding performance with a low risk of side effects. Studies have shown it to be very safe, and it is legal. In fact, the main reason that creatine is used is for its effect of muscle increase!

Another option for bodybuilding supplements is amino acid supplements. These usually come in pill form and contain different blends of amino acids. Although the human body naturally needs amino acids to function, taking them as a bodybuilding supplement works best when used in tandem with a muscle building workout routine. Since amino acids are either produced by the human body or found in the foods we eat, they naturally belong in the body. Therefore, taking amino acids as supplements only enhances their natural function.

Protein supplements come in various forms, such as powders, bars, or pre-mixed shakes. Unlike the protein supplements of years past, todayís versions taste quite good while delivering high amounts of high quality protein, which is necessary to build muscle. In fact, in addition to helping a bodybuilder build muscle mass, protein supplements may benefit the body in other ways. A diet high in protein correlates to better overall health.

As always, with any supplement you take, follow the instructions exactly and do not take more than the recommended amount.

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