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Arthur Jones Nautilus Bulletins

High Intensity Bodybuilding

High Intensity Training Bodybuilding Workout

Arthur Jones was a true genus and the inventor of the Nautilus exercise machines, and was well noted for changing the concepts of exercise away from the old school way of training, which involved hours in the gym, to High Intensity Training or HIT which builds maximum muscle mass and strength in the minimum time.

Many top bodybuilders have used High Intensity Training to build their amazing physiques such as Casey Viator, Mike Mentzer, Ray Mentzer, Dorian Yates, Mark Dugdale, Markus Reinhardt, etc.

You can now get the "Bibles" of HIT Training in the...

Nautilus Bulletins eBook Series

Arthur Jones Nautilus Bulletins

This 3 eBooks in one package includes:

Nautilus Training Principles Bulletin No. 1

Nautilus Training Principles Bulletin No. 2

Nautilus Training Principles Bulletin No. 3

Arthur Jones' "Nautilus Bulletins" are the most significant publications ever written on high intensity bodybuilding workouts. They cover the most logical approach to training ever written in a basic and concise manner.

This High Intensity Training eBook covers every aspect of weight training from beginner to advanced. You will learn everything you need to design your own super effective workout routines using whatever equipment you have available.

This amazing eBook you will show you how to pack on mass, strength and power, faster then you would believe possible!

Here's just some of what you'll learn:

What are the true limits of muscle size?

How to create a natural anabolic state.

How to build the maximum muscle in the minimum amount of time.

How to warm-up properly.

How to overcome sticking points in training.

What is the true significance of such factors as "pump" and "soreness"?

Free weights versus machines.

Advanced HIT principles.

How to build the ultimate physique.

. . . and much, much more!

Everything else written on HIT Training is just copied from the ideas in these bulletins. Many have claimed to have improved on this material, but they have not - the original is still the best!

Get your copy today and start building the body of your dreams with High Intensity Training.

I will send you the download link for the ebook within 24 hours of your order.


Nautilus Bulletins eBook Series
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