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Best Creatine Supplement

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There are now thousands of health and nutrition stores claiming that they have the best creatine supplement in the market. With all the proliferating products today, it can be quite difficult and confusing to find which creatine supplement would be best for you.

What's The Best Creatine Supplement?

There are various creatine supplements but here are some of the best creatine supplements and the most popular of all forms.

1. Creatine Monohydrate – this is probably the most studied and the most profuse form of creatine. More often than not, the creatine monohydrate is sold in powder even though the said supplement is made from 12 percent water and 88 percent creatine. Those who have experienced diarrhea, intestinal cramps, or even bloating during the first seven days of using the creatine monohydrate, there is a big chance that they bought the non-micronized powder supplement.

2. Creatine Citrate – this is composed of creatine and citric acid which is said to be an effective aid in the dissolution of the supplement in the water. The citric acid found in the creatine citrate can also help in producing more energy for the muscles as well. But unlike the first two creatine supplements, the creatine citrate has 40 percent less creatine compared to the creatine monohydrate supplement.

3. Creatine Anhydrous – it has 6 percent more creatine compared to the creatine monohydrate. To simply put, the creatine anhydrous is a form of creatine where the water molecule has already been removed. Although this has no edge over the creatine monohydrate other than the reduced bloated or water retention effect during the first week of usage, it can still be a great substitute in case you can’t get creatine monohydrate.

4. Creatine Phosphate – the creatine molecule is attached to the phosphate molecule. This bind lets the creatine supplement to work more efficiently so your body can achieve results faster. Unfortunately, people still opted for the creatine monohydrate since many users claimed that it is less effective compared to the effects that they get from the creatine monohydrate.

5. Creatine Malate – this is one of the latest best creatine supplements in the market today. The creatine malate is made up of creatine that is attached to the malic acid. It easily dissolves in water and there are no reported cases that it brought discomfort to the user particularly on the stomach.

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