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Biotest Tribex Review

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed

Tribex Testosterone Booster

Tribex by Biotest is a new formulation of the old Tribex 500 that was pulled of the market because of its pro hormone formula. Tribex blue, the name of the new formulation, it is said to help muscle gains and increase your sex drive. The manufacturer suggests that there are two ways cycle Tribex. One way is to take 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off and the other way is to take it 5 days on and 2 days off. I personally took Tribex for the 4 weeks.

I personally didn't see any big changes in muscle strength or muscle mass when taking Tribex, but did have an increase in sex drive.

Biotest Tribex Ingredients

The main ingredient in Tribex is Tribulus terrestris, which is used in many testosterone boosters. Tribulus leads to the production of luteinizing hormone (LH), a hormone that also deals with sex drive. The natural production of testosterone also increases when LH levels are increased. It is also shown to improve sperm count. Vitex Agnus Castus and Eurycoma Longifolia are also used in Tribex to free up bound testosterone.

Biotest Tribex Side Effects

I noticed when I was taking Tribex that I would get randomly...excited? I guess that's the least offensive way to put it. I felt like I was in that bad dream when you’re in school and the teacher calls on you to come up to the blackboard. That being said, that and some back acne and oily skin were the only side effects that I noticed.

In conclusion, I think that Tribex is a good supplement, but I feel that Andro Shock is a much better choice because it has everything in that that Tribex has plus 7 more ingredients that help increase testosterone and lower estrogen.

Biotest Tribex Review

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