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Bodybuilding and Acne Prevention

There are different ways of curing or treating all types of acne. Non inflammatory acne is easier to treat than inflammatory acne. For black heads and whiteheads you can do the following:

Using a honey mask over the face once or twice a week has anti-bacterial agents which help fight infections and heal blemishes. You should also wash your face at least twice a day; Once in the day time and once at night preferably before bed time. And itís also recommended that you use a special sulfur based acne soap for efficient cleansing.

Include a type of chromium in your daily diet. Chromium is known to heal infections on the skin.

Drink water daily. Yes drinking your daily glasses of water doesnít just help you weight wise but it also helps keep your skin healthy.

Wash your pillow at least three times a week. Oils from your skin absorbs into the pillow case and oil is what cause acne. Or when it comes to curing your acne you can use products at your local drug store like Neutrogena and Proactiv.

When it comes to more sever acne you will have to seek professional help or treating acne. Here a few treatment options you have available:

Chemical Rebalancing

Follicle Exfoliation

Use of Poultice Masks

Thereís also the Three Day Acne cure. This product guarantees results within the next three days, it effectively clears up all types of acne and helps it stay away for good. You can also see your dermatologist to see whether this may be the product for you.

Many of acne skin diseases leaves all kinds of scars, even after the healing process that keeps on affecting people. Why? Scars form as a result of collagen and fatty tissue that are displaced by infected and large pores. This is what happens with those suffering from cystic or nodule acne, but those with a mild form of acne whose skin easily discolors are also at risk of developing scars. We all want to keep scars at a minimum or better yet removing them all together.

The key solution to get ridding of scars is to prevent them all together. How can you prevent getting scars from your acne:

I know you have heard this a million times before: do not squeeze or pick acne bumps or pimples. This is very important. Why? An inflamed pimple or bump is full of bacteria so when you squeeze and pick it, it can rupture and the bacterium is spread further under the skin. This causes more breakouts. Then the rupturing can cause a scar because the facial tissue is being displaced.

Then there are all types of products available at your local drugstore you can get to open a block pore without applying to much pressure so you can keep them clear.

Take at least 1000 mg of vitamin C daily along with the recommended 8 glasses of water a day; this will help the body repair itself.

These are just a few ways you can prevent scarring during the healing process of your acne. What if you have scars right now, and have not done all you can to prevent them? There is definitely hope for you.

Acne Scar Prevention and Removal, one of the best books that describe the detailed process of removing scar there are several remedies it outlines. I will tell you just a few of them.

As you know there are several products that promise to remove acne scars. Some of them have proven beneficial to people and the others werenít effective at all. A treatment found to work well was the Edgar Cayce scar remedy. Edgar Cayce was a well known physic in the 1800ís and early 1900ís who claimed to be able to channel answers to questions on different subjects such as health. He had several medical remedies, many including different types of oils.

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