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Bodybuilding Before Steroids

bodybuilding before steroids

Advanced Bodybuilding Techniques for Fast Growth

Gain 15 lbs of Muscle in only 18 days with Bodybuilding B.S.!

From the desk of Dr. G. K. Knowlton

Dear Friend,

Since I have been writing for the major fitness magazines (Hardgainer, Muscle Mag International, Iron Man, Strength and Health, Exercise For Men Only, etc.) I have been flooded with letters, phone calls and faxes requesting a bodybuilding course based on my principles of fast and permanent growth.

As you know Bodybuilding B.S. (Before Steroids) is based on the techniques used in the days before bodybuilding drugs became popular. People were gaining like crazy with just exercise and diet! Don't believe me? How about a gain of 100 lbs in one year? This is NOT an isolated case. Others who followed the same routine and diet gained at a super fast rate. One lifter gained 25 lbs in 21 days. Another added over 5 inches to his thighs in two months. Still another added 50 lbs to his best bench in 30 days along with 31 lbs of PURE MUSCLE!!!!!!

Still not convinced? Did you know that the doctor who invented Dianabol (the first steroid) had also developed a training method that utilized a certain lifting technique with a specific amino acid? And did you know the program produced the same results as the steroids? This program was dropped when it was discovered that there was more money to be made in drugs. But, now the program is available again. THE EXACT PROGRAM IS REVEALED IN MY COURSE!

Get Results Proven To Be Faster Than Steroids!

This is NOT a re-hash of the same old muscle BS, but rather a course that lists dozens of little known routines, exercises, and diets that were proven to produce results equal to or better than steroids!

Here are just some of the many secrets you will learn to use in this course:

Pre-Dianabol Training Technique - Complete training and diet revealed! Results equal to steroids.

Increase Your Strength 5% Per Week! - Double your strength in every lift in a few months.

Rosenberg's System - This system had trainees gaining an average of 10 lbs in two weeks. Some got stretch marks from the accelerated growth.

Why A Muscle Grows - Known since 1924! Learn how to apply it to YOUR body!

Isometric System - Gain bulk and power quickly.

Maximum Fatigue Theory - Go from using 50% of your muscle fibers to 100% on every lift. Fantastic growth.

Theory Of Limitless Strength - Develop great strength quickly, also known as the GIN method. It takes only 3 workouts in 3 weeks! The man who developed this method had trainees pressing over 300 lbs at an average bodyweight of 150 lbs.

BG Method - Blast your calves to hugeness! Can be applied to any muscle group.

This Bodybuilder trained using
Bodybuilding B.S. Techniques!

Gaining Secrets:

Gain 100 lbs in a year - Pack muscle on your body.

Gain 20 lbs in 2 weeks - The protein method.

Gain 15 lbs of muscle in 18 days - Complete how-to includes routine and diet!

Add 1/2 inch - To any muscle in one day!

Reverse Sissy Squat - For huge legs fast. Gain size and sculp your shape.

Microcirculation - For maximum size. Add 30-40 lbs to every lift.

"Half-Way" - Method for power development.

Controlled Interval Training - Increases endurance and size. This method set world records in lifting, the 400 yard dash and the 1/2 mile!

90 Days From Success

In this course you will receive dozens of courses, exercise routines and diets. Any one of these can completely transform your body in only 90 days! When you buy Bodybuilding B.S., you will have all of these tools and more for immediate use! These routines, diets, and secrets work and they work fast. No long workouts. All exercises can be done without special equipment so they are excellent if you train at a gym or at home.

Remember These Routines Produced Monsters
Before Steroids And They Still Work Today

This amazing video is only $99.95 and the manual of Bodybuilding BS is $79.95, but if you order within the next 30 days, you will receive both for the cost of the video alone. Only $99.95 for ALL the bodybuilding information you will ever need!

Don't wait to begin your own program to produce rapid growth. Put these forgotten tool to rapid gaisn to work for you immediately! Simply click on the order button below!

Yours in bodybuilding success,

Dr. G. K. Knowlton

Order Now! Immediate Download.

Will It Work For Me?

P.S. Are you wondering, Can This System Really Work For You?

I can hear you asking that question. Here's what it has done for me. I was never an athlete. I only wrestled twice in high school (at 125 lbs and got pinned both times). My college record was worse. With years of hard training I was able to get up to 180 at a height of 6'4". (Still looked like a stick) At the age of 37, I decided to enter pro wrestling school. When I showed up they told me the bad news:

"You Need To Gain 60 To 80 Pounds Of Muscle"

It sounded pretty near impossible. First of all, the "experts" have stated that it is difficult to pack on that much mass after the age of 35. Secondly, I did NOT want to use steroids, so my options were limited. Especially when you consider the rate of drug use in professional sports and the fact that I had always been a "hard gainer." So, I decided to do some research that became the basis for my Bodybuilding B.S. techniques. I applied my newly designed, unique workout routine and diet, and in less than a year weighed in at 260 lbs! I held my own in wrestling school An amazing feat whe you condisder that almost everyone else was 19-26 years old. Nobody would believe my age! By the way, pro wrestling school was tough. The only two that graduated were myself and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!!!

The Main Event!

I was contacted by a promotor. We met and he was so impressed that he signed me on the spot! Sicne then, I have wrestled as Doc Savage all over the world holding many championship belts. My bodybuilding career then led me to write and start in the prime-time NBC special "Exposed: Pro Wrestling's Greatest Secrets!". I also starred in many rock videos in addition to the feature films, "Immortal Combat," with Roddy Piper, "Bloodmatch," and "Witchcraft X."

P.S.S. Be sure to send me your before and after photos and success story!

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