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Bodybuilding Lifestyle

The lifestyle of a bodybuilder is extremely regimented in terms of: workout schedules, cardio, proper diet, bodybuilding supplements, sleep and every other health related aspect imaginable. Whether you are an amateur or a professional who competes in competitions, you need the proper nutrition, workout schedules, sleep schedules, and perfect overall healthy lifestyle.

What is the bodybuilding lifestyle?

If you want to become a bodybuilder it takes hard work, dedication, persistence, discipline, and overall control. You must be willing to dedicate your life to working out everyday, eating a perfect diet plan everyday, giving up "treats" (sweets), give up drinking alcohol, and pretty much revolve your life around the gym and properly giving your body the best nutrition to be able to maintain this kind of lifestyle.

Bodybuilders workout four to seven days a week, everyday of the year, and during competition season multiple workouts a day. During the off season (when there are no competitions), bodybuilders will workout once a day (in some cases twice a day) to keep their muscle mass and strength up to par for when the competition season rolls around. They will workout for at least one hour a day (lifting weights for the majority, and a little cardio mixed in).

As far as dieting, they eat high protein, low (to no) carbs, and take many different supplements and protein shakes (whey protein) to keep their bodies lean, and overall body fat at lower levels. They eat five to six meals a day, steer clear of alcohol and sweets, and drink at least one to one 1/2 gallons of water daily.

Tips on living the bodybuilding lifestyle

To become a top of the line bodybuilder there are many techniques, which can help improve your physique and form. First, make sure to eat all meals before 8 pm; this will keep you full throughout the day, yet you won't go to sleep on a heavy stomach. Drink at least one gallon of water a day. It keeps your skin looking good and makes sure everything is working right (on your insides). If you take supplements, make sure they are all natural. Throw cardio into the mix at least twice a week. And lastly, be prepared to give up many foods (and alcohol) you enjoyed in the past (at least during competition seasons). You must be disciplined and be willing to work at it to become a great bodybuilder.

Bodybuilding Lifestyle

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