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Bodybuilding Stomach Flattener

By Oliver Wolter

The stomach flattener is really the only abdominal exercises you'll ever need for a flatter and more muscular stomach without dieting.

The stomach flattener is so effective that you do not need more abdominal exercises beside the stomach flattener.

In fact, after using exclusively the stomach flattener as my abdominal exercise for several months, I have tried again some crunches.

The result:

After 200 reps I stopped because my abdominal muscles just did not get tired at all.

Crunches are for me now just a waste of time.

Even if you already have a 6-pack of abs for years and did do thousands of hours of abdominal training - like me - you'll still see significant progress in your ab tone and muscularity with the stomach flattener.

And if you previously had problems to get your lower abs into shape, your abs will look like carved in stone in no time.

The stomach flattener is really the king of all midsection exercises. But an exercise you'll seldom hear about, because it has a negative commerical value, because it makes all abdominal exercise equipment obsolete.

And once again:

NO - IT IS NOT some kind of crunch exercise...

NO - IT IS NOT an exercise you can find in some fitness magazine...

NO - IT IS NOT legraises...

NO - YOU CANNOT read about this exercise in some 2nd hand (books)

or 3rd hand (forums) sources...

NO - YOU DO NOT need any expensive equipment for this exercise...

NO - YOU WILL NOT NEED a whole workout routine for it - its just one exercise that's enough for your whole ab workout...

The stomach flattener you'll find in my new book "The lazy man's way to a dream body".

To your success!


Oliver Wolter is a world renowed fitness and bodybuilding expert. He is the creator of X-Size Bodybuilding Software.

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