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Bodybuilding Supplement Industry

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The Two Faces of the Bodybuilding Industry

The bodybuilding supplement industry has made huge strides over the past 50 or so years. Things have come a long way since the days of raw eggs and cheap soy protein. Today there are some high quality products on the market that actually work and it may be possible to make muscle gains with these products that are similar to what steroid users were getting say 30 years ago.

But with all this there are still too many greedy people controlling the bodybuilding supplement industry, who are only concerned with making money and they sell cheap, useless, over hyped and overpriced supplements to unsuspecting bodybuilders like you and me.

Natural substances have become the trend in the bodybuilding industry. With more and more people moving away from steroids, natural has become the way to go. Some of these substances that have been favored by bodybuilders are products such as protein, amino acids, creatine, flax seed oil, etc.

Yet still supplement ads show some steroid bloated giant claiming he got that way using some natural product, when in fact he may never have even tried that product.

The advancements in the bodybuilding supplement industry are what makes bodybuilding supplements so appealing. But you have to be careful who you trust, because while there are some very good supplements from honest companies, there are also many dishonest companies hocking worthless products.

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