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Bodybuilding University Certificate

Novelty Bodybuilding Degree Diploma

Customized, authentic looking novelty bodybuilding diploma. This fake diploma will add an air of achievement to any home, office or gym. Designed to look unequivocally real including, paper, size, color and seal!

Now, you can prove your expertise and take pride in your passion with an official bodybuilding diploma certificate from our fictional Bodybuilding University!

You can hang it on your wall for everyone to see, or you can buy one for your family and friends. It makes the PERFECT GIFT for any bodybuilder!

Get your own authentic looking Bodybuilding Degree!

Now Only $15.95 plus $7.00 S&H

To order by phone call:
1-800-635-8970 or 1-503-648-1898
10 AM to 6 PM PST

To order by mail, send check/money order payable to:
Paul Becker
PO Box 95
Weiser, ID 83672

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