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Bodybuilding Without Supplements?

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Some say you can't make gains in bodybuilding without supplements.

There are others who claim that you don't need bodybuilding supplements at all, and even go so far at to say that all bodybuilding supplement are worthless and a waste of money.

Who is right and who is wrong?

The truth is you can make gains in bodybuilding without supplements. However, for those who seek maximum results will need a the best diet, super intense workouts along with bodybuilding supplements.

Bodybuilding training thrives on intensity. You should plan your workouts to push your body to its limits. Concentrate on a group of muscles and work them out in segments. Proper muscle building comes from force and then relaxation, so they must have a day to heal and rest. Alternating days like two days on and one day off is most effective.

Nutrition is essential in building muscle. The body needs food for fuel. It may be possible to get your daily nutrients from eating a balanced diet in supplements, but other vital nutrients may strill be needed. Poor nutrition causes the muscles to fatigue easier and then begin to burn muscle as energy. This process produces harmful lactic acid in the body.

Supplements should be used to provide the things that your body is missing from eating. Vegetarians do not eat animal tissue and therefore often lack proteins, iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamin B-12. Muscles need protein. Proteins are vital building blocks to produce healthy cells. Proteins are made of amino acids that are responsible for RNA synthesis, neurotransmitters, and healthy tissue function.

Iron is often consumed from plants but primarily comes from animals. Iron makes healthy red blood cells. Zinc helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. If blood sugar is too high, lactic acid can destroy healthy muscle tissue.

Calcium is responsible in building not only healthy bones, but also in maintaining proper water balance in the cells that build muscle. It is also responsible for nourishing cartilage which connects muscle to bone. Vitamin B-12 is rarely found in any other sources than animal. B-12 feeds red blood cells and provides a healthy nervous system.

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