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A Jealously Guarded Truth Of Bodybuilding Results!

By Dan Gallapoo
In this issue Im going to finally reveal the secret to bodybuilding success! You've been so patient, dear subscriber, but you've suspected all these months that there were secrets to losing fat and gaining muscle that I was keeping from you.

Well to be quite honest there are several secrets to bodybuilding success. This week I'm going to reveal the one that I feel is most important. But first, let me tell you about something I observed this week.

I was doing calf raises on the Smith machine the other day. I was using about 405 pounds for sets of 10 to 12 reps. It does look kinda heavy to have four 45s per side but I need to lift heavy weights to make those suckers grow! (Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder with big strong muscles but they dont want to lift heavy weights! Go figure!)

Now I have to admit that I do have pretty big calves for a guy with such a small frame. But it wasnt always this way. I have busted my butt for years to finally build a set of calves I'm proud of.

Let me digress a minute...

Want to know what really motivated me to build big legs?

When I was a sophomore in high school I got the part of Kurt in The Sound of Music. I was sooooo embarrassed to have to wear those stupid liederhosen (German leather shorts with suspenders) because my legs were so skinny! I decided right then and then that I would do whatever it took to build a set of legs I can be proud of. I have to say that they are definitely my best body part now.

OK, OK! Laugh it up pecker-head! Yeah, I was in a musical. Actually a bunch of them. I was in band, too. Don't be so smug and act like you never did any stupid stuff in high school.

So were back at the gym now, OK?

This guy comes up to me and says, Hey could you spare a couple inches on those calves? I could use em. I just cant get mine to grow. I laughed and told him he should try heavy standing calf raises on the Smith machine with his toes on a 9 block (like I was doing at the time). He rattled off all the exercises he has tried and complained that they still werent growing.

OK, I'd normally buy that excuse but if you could have seen my pathetic puny calves when I was Kurt in The Sound of Music (will you stop laughing already!) you'd never guess Id be able to build a set of defined 16 calves on a small bone frame.

Knowing where I came from and my lack of genetic potential, its really hard for me to buy into some of other peoples excuses. But I've noticed a few things about this guy. He comes into the gym 2 to 3 times a week somewhat consistently for a while and then doesn't show up for 2 to 3 weeks. He has no consistency in his training schedule. And I'd have to assume that his lack of discipline also spills over into his eating habits, too. (hes got a gut). Consistency in your training habits and eating habits is one of the biggest secrets of bodybuilding success!

Consistency will overcome a lot of obstacles in your journey to build a better-looking and healthier body.

Do you want to know what it really takes to remain consistent?

Man, I'm almost afraid to use this word because it scares so many people or theyve attached some kind of negative connotation to it...


Thats it, plain and simple!

To be quite honest, I'd much rather eat pizza and drink beer than choke down another dry, skinless chicken breast along with a salad.

But I know that my results in the future are based on the things I do today.

Now here's some good news about being disciplined in your training and eating habits.

When you've been consistent with your training and eating, a little cheating wont really hurt you one bit.

I'm a lot leaner now than I was back in the winter. I've been consistently eating clean for months now. It's summer and I dont want to be embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach!

So when I have a cheat meal (pizza and beer...yeah!!!) it doesn't hurt me at all.

In fact, when I have a cheat day it doesn't hurt me at all.

Because come tomorrow I'm right back at it with my regular nutrition plan.

Being disciplined allows you to enjoy some undisciplined times without the guilt.

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