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Bodybuilding Competition FAQ Version 1.0

By Steve Kidwell

I. Who is the author of this FAQ?

So, you want to know about the author huh? I'm Steve Kidwell. I've been involved with competitive bodybuilding now since 1987. I've been involved in almost all phases of the sport. I've been a competitor, judge, head judge, expediter, promoter, sponsor, trainer, coach, and photojournalist. During that time, I've come to learn several of the ins and outs and history of bodybuilding competitions. If you would like to know more about me, then go to the following homepage: https://nps.ticz.com.

II. What are the various sanctioning organizations?

Bodybuilding has become like boxing in the last couple of decades. There are several organizations and it can become alphabet soup sorting them out. However, just like in boxing, there are three main organizations with a fourth making a strong bid. In boxing, the three I am referring to are the WBA, WBC and the IBF with the WBO getting some recent notoriety. In bodybuilding, the top three are the AAU, NPC, and IFBB with the NABBA-USA starting to gain popularity.

III. What are the different events that make up the contest?

III. How Are The Competitions Judged?

Contests are judged by a panel of people who are deemed worthy by the sponsoring organization of the contest. In large shows and national events there are usually nine judges including eight regular judges and one Head Judge. When there are nine judges on the panel it allows for each competitor’s two high and two low scores to be thrown out making for a more unbiased score. If seven judges are used, then one high and low score can be thrown out for each competitor. If only five judges are present, then all five must be used as scoring judges. Typically, shows are not judged by less than five people.

IV. I've got lots of other questions about things I've seen.

Bodybuilding can be viewed as quite a strange endeavor. Countless questions crop up about the different oddities in bodybuilding competitions.

V. Acknowledgments and Rights

As of now, I don’t have anyone to acknowledge other than the various people I have had the privilege to meet and learn from in the sport of bodybuilding. These people include, but are not limited to Ted Karnezis, AAU National Physique Chairman, Bob Gruskin, NABBA-USA President, Jim Marchand, former AAU National Judge, Joe Borgia, NPC Indiana State Chairman, and Tim Murphy, long time bodybuilding photographer and fan. If you have any worthwhile additions or subtractions (but please, no long division) for me to modify the FAQ with, please email me at skidwell@ticz.com. Even if you just have any comments or questions drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

This FAQ is the sole property of it’s author. Absolutely no reproduction in part or whole may be used without consent of it’s author. You may link this FAQ from your web site or include it in any reference sources you have as long as credit is given to the author. All contents of this FAQ are correct as known by the author and do not represent the absolute truth. Any inaccuracies that are pointed out to the author and shown to be valid will be appropriately corrected.

The Bodybuilding Competition FAQ can be found at the following web site:

Natural Physique Systems, https://nps.ticz.com/bbcfaq.htm

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