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Build Muscle DVD
Weight Lifting DVD Bodybuilding Workout

Are You Sick And Tired Of Working Your Butt Off In The Gym With Little Results To Show For Your Efforts?

Would You Like To Learn Exactly How To Blast Through Training Plateaus And Double Your Muscle Gains?

The truth is that the majority of people working out in the gym have no idea how to consistently make progress with their workouts. They are literally wasting their time and effort on useless workout programs that will yield little to no results.

Iíll be the first to tell you that there is no such thing as the ďperfect workout programĒ. But there are training methods that do work better then others. There are proven ways to take your training to a higher-level and accelerate your progress in the gym allowing you to become bigger, stronger, and more muscular without frustration and actually enjoying the process along the way.

My name is Lee Hayward and for over 16 years I have dedicated my life to studying exercise and nutrition and living a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle. I started working out when I was 12 years old and ever since I have been obsessed with learning everything there is to know about bodybuilding, exercise and nutrition.

I studied every book, magazine, and video on weight training, exercise, fitness, and nutrition that I could get my hands on. I attended seminars and training courses. I would go to all the local bodybuilding and powerlifting contests and would stay afterwards just so I could talk to the competitors and learn the training methods that produced the best results.

Not only did I study volumes of information, but I applied what I learned. Simply being book smart and knowing what to do wasnít enough. I wanted to experience the results for myself first hand. So I utilized the training techniques and strategies that I learned on myself. I competed in my first bodybuilding contest while I was still in high school and since then I have competed almost every year in bodybuilding competitions. Iíve also competed in powerlifting with personal best lifts of 445 lb. bench press, 525 lb. squat, and 530 lb. deadlift.

I have personally helped more then 1000 people worldwide with personalized training and nutrition programs. My number one priority has been to help people like you achieve your bodybuilding, fitness, and physique goals.

And now I have put together all the valuable information that I have collected over the years into my Total Fitness Bodybuilding DVD Training System that is jam-packed with the most powerful techniques for pushing your overall muscular development to a whole new level. You will learn how to:

  • Pack On Pounds Of Rock-Hard Muscular Density
  • Burn Off Stubborn Bodyfat For A Lean Ripped Physique
  • Dramatically Improve Your Functional Strength and Power
  • Get In Your Best Shape Ever With A Results-Producing Training System
On this digitally recorded 2 disc DVD set Iíll take you in the gym and cover over 170 muscle building exercises in detail. Youíll learn the best methods for developing each bodypart. Including special strength building exercises that will make your workouts more productive and maximize muscle stimulation.

On The Total Fitness Bodybuilding
2 Disc DVD Set You Will Learn...

  • The 10 most important exercises that you absolutely MUST DO in your routine to get the best muscle gains possible.

  • Learn several unique training methods that will stimulate muscular gains quickly with no more effort than you're putting in right now.

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to perform all of your exercises with proper technique. Learn the most common errors that people make with each exercise and how to avoid them.

  • Discover unorthodox exercises that will build the maximum amount of muscle mass in the minimum amount of time.

  • Little-known training techniques that will boost strength and thoroughly stimulate each and every muscle group. Youíve probably been wasting your time and energy on exercises that will never give you the kind of gains you wantÖ and didnít even know it!

  • Catapult your Deadlift poundage almost overnight with a unique Power-Deadlift specialization exercise will add 10% to your max lift in just a few workouts.

  • Turbo charge your enthusiasm for working out and totally eliminate staleness and boredom with your workouts.

  • Develop huge "horseshoe triceps" with the Atomic Triceps Blaster Program.

  • Learn the ideal number of sets & reps to do for each exercise you perform. As well as a simple formula for determining exactly how much weight to lift for each and every exercise.

  • Special exercises to develop the stabilizing and supporting muscles that will unlock strength and muscle gains that are just not possible with conventional exercises.

  • Discover 2 very powerful exercises that a top powerlifting gym credits for adding 30-40 lbs. of muscle on their lifters in just 1 year!

  • A unique weighted abdominal exercise that works the midsection through a full range of motion, chiseling in abdominal definition, and increasing functional strength. This one exercise will boost your lifting performance and make your body more stable in virtually every other exercise you do.

  • Develop a vice like grip and muscular forearms with unique hand and finger strengthening exercises. Youíll never have to wear weight lifting straps again!

  • Generate maximum muscle overload with special power rack lockout exercises for all major muscle groups.

  • Bench Press assistance exercises to strengthen your weak links and add slabs of thick muscle to your chest.

  • Eliminate rotator cuff problems with therapeutic rubber band exercises.

  • Strengthen and balance out your shoulder development with an unusual barbell exercise invented by an Olympic weightlifter back in the 1950ís.

  • Learn how a simple change in your hand position will instantly improve your pushup strength by up to 20%

  • Special squat assistance exercises that will safely teach you how to squat with perfect form. As well as an old time exercise that will build up the upper back and eliminate pain in the traps when doing barbell squats.

  • Powerlifting exercises that will build rock-solid muscle on your triceps. Incorporating these unique movements in your workouts can increase your bench by 20 lbs. in the matter of weeks.

  • An unusual cable pulley exercise that will greatly improving the muscular detail and thickness of your back.

  • Learn a new twist on the basic run of the mill calf exercises that will add inches of solid muscle to your calves. Say good bye to your skinny bird legs forever!

  • And much, much more...

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