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Wide Shoulder Exercises To Build Wide Shoulders

By Oliver Wolter

During the last few days, I received a lot of questions about the Shoulder Widener you can find in The lazy man's way to a dream body that I want to answer now:

The Shoulder Widener has nothing to do with ordinary weight training or ordinary dumbell exercises. Because with conventional machine or free weight exercises you can add muscle mass to your shoulders, but not make them any wider.

In contrast to conventional free weight or machine training, the Shoulder Widener strengthens the INTERNAL STRUCTURE OF YOUR SHOULDERS DRAMATICALLY.


As a result of this, your shoulders are not only getting wider, but also a lot of more powerful, because they get more dense and more compact because of the Shoulder Widener.

Your shoulders are not only feeling great, but you will also build strength fast in all exercises where you need a lot of shoulder power. So it will be easy for you to increase your benchpress by 25-50lbs once you started practicing the Shoulder Widener.

To learn more about the Shoulder Widener go to: The lazy man's way to a dream body

To your success!


Oliver Wolter is a world renowed fitness and bodybuilding expert. He is the creator of X-Size Bodybuilding Software.

Wide Shoulder Exercises To Build Wide Shoulders

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