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Cybergenics For Sale

Buy Cybergenics For Sale

Where can I buy Cybergenics?

Cyberenics started in the mid 1980's with products such as the original Cybergenics 60 Day total Bodybuilding System kit, Cybergenics 6 week program phase 1 and Cybergenics Cybertrim. Each was a complete program that came with a training manual booklet that covered workouts and diet, supplements and some had a video and or audio.

The 1990's saw the release of the Cybergenics 14 day Quick Trim weight loss system, and other products such as Cybergenics for Hardgainers, Cybergenics Phase 2, Fusion, Cyberblast, and Cybergain each containing their own supplements, menu meal plans and full workouts.

During the 1980's and 1990's you could buy Cybergenics at GNC, heath food stores, or from the Cybergenics clinic of Sport Nutrition, L&S Research in Brick, NJ had it for sale though the mail and by their toll free phone number - (800) 635-8970.

During the early 2000's Cybergenics was sold almost 100% online from the following websites, many of which have since disappeared:

Cybergenics America

Cybergenics Australia

Cybergenics Canada

Cybergenics Mexico

Cybergenics UK

In about 2009 was last production of the original bodybuilding, fitness and weight loss kits. But then there was the relase of two new products Cybertrim Pro HCG with Irvingia and Cybergenics Iso Test Pro-Testosterone Booster. These are also not currently available at this time.

Can you still buy Cybergenics?

If you would like to know when any Cybergenics products will be for sale again contact us by clicking the link below:

Cybergenics is not currently available, email us below for updates:

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