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TrulyHuge.com is your best source for buying the Pumping Iron DVD throughout the world, whether you are a fan of Arnie or a collector, this is the place, with us you can buy your copy immediately.

Pumping Iron For Sale

Bring back memories, maybe this video inspired your leap into the world of bodybuilding, Or you are an avid collector of Arnolds work, and this movie is a classic to see how a star is born. A must for your collection.


There are scenes which you may find offensive, Arnold is seen smoking a joint...... and of course, being a hit amongst the ladies. But hey, you too might do the same in that position especially not knowing that just around the corner you would be a celebrity!

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Got my Pumping Iron DVD today. It got here alot quicker than I expected. Thanks alot...

Looking forward to doing business with you again..


I ordered the "Pumping Iron" video from you. My husband was so happy and surprised! It was one of the best birthday presents I could have given him.


The movie is great, thanks for fast shipment.


Thanks a lot,I have been looking for this vid for so long, to get it without any problems has been great, I'll tell my friends at gym

Bench press Ben

Hi There,

I did watch the video several times since I received it and love it. Thanks so much for selling it to me. It's been a real inspiration for me.



My middle son and I enjoyed the Pumping Iron Film very much! He is getting ready for his first amateur "Natural Physique Contest!" I have 3 sons - aged between 25 and 45. All have lifted weights for most of their life and lead a very healthy lifestyle!


Thank you! Received the dvd yesterday, and it's GREAT! It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I wish you luck and many blessings!!!


I received the package yesterday. Thanks again for a great service!

Best regards,


Thank you I just received the dvd today.

thanks again,

Thank you very much! I got my DVD today.



The DVD just came in the mail today. Thanks to you having this video, my boyfriend is in his glory. Thanks for the fast shipping. Have a good one.

Sincerely grateful,

If you have any questions
please e-mail us at: thmuscle@aol.com

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