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Calcium Pyruvate

It is believed that what this supplement does is accomplish fat loss by increasing "cellular respiration." What this all means in laymans terms is that amount of energy you cells use(Metabolism). Supposedly, this supplement will work, even without exercise, which would be nice. Is is also possible that it could increase iendurance by up to 20% which is great for those on a diet. This added endurance menas more intense workouts which can mean that you could achieve an anabolic effect even while dieting which would be very hard to accomplish without the use of steroids.

The only study using calcium-pyuruvate on humans that I have seen was done on obese women who weighed between 225 - 245 lbs. In this study, they were put on a 1000 calorie/week diet and either given pyruvate or a placebo as their only supplement. The women that were not using the pyruvate lost on average 3.15 lbs. of bodyfat per week. The women that were using the pyruvate lost on average 4.3 lbs. of bodyfat per week. The ones that were using the pyruvate were taking 36 grams of pyruvate every day as well.

Side Effects: May cause gas, bloating, or diarrhea.

There are two sources of calcium-pyruvate that I have seen and this supplement is rather expensive. Med-Pro sells it for about a cost of $.75 per gram. Health Dynamics sells their version for $19.95 for 120 capsules that contain 500 mg. per capsule for a cost to you of $.33 per gram. Even the cheaper of the two would still cost you about $12 per day, 72 capsules, to just duplicate the study that I am referring to previously. The funny thing about all of this is that the recommended dosage on the bottle is only 5 grams per day. If you followed their dosage, you can see that the effects would be signifigantly less than those that were performed in the study.

My recommendation on this supplement is that it probably is not worth the money to use it. There are several other supplements that promote fat loss that I know work and work well. Supplements such as Get Lean Quick are much more cost effective than calcium pyruvate.

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