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Free Calorie Calculator

Calorie Calculator

Bodybuilding and Fitness Calorie Calculator

This bodybuilding and fitness calorie calculator will help you estimate estimate the amount of calories you burn at a given running pace. The calculation is based on a formula derived from a study of the net energy expenditure for running exercise 1 hour on a horizontal surface. (Mc Ardle, WD et al in Exercise Phsiology 3rd Ed., Lea and Febiger eds., 1991). Of course, terrain, temperature, humidity and other factors also have an effect on energy expenditure. A key finding is that the total cost of running a given distance is approximately the same, whether the pace is fast or slow. For example, a person weighing 150 lbs running a distance of 5 miles at 12min/mile pace (60 minutes total) will consume appproximately the same amount of calories as a person running the same distance at 6 min/mile pace (30 minutes total).

Enter your weight (lbs or kg) and running pace (mins per mile or mins per km).
Enter the duration of your run (in minutes) Press "Calculate".

mins secs
Total Calories

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