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Can You Out-Train a Bad Diet?

As much as we would like to argue the facts whether you can just continue with a bad diet because you will or can burn all the calories at the gym, science is not on that side.

A study published in the British Medical Journal confirms that having the burn and refuel mentality is very dangerous especially if you want lean muscles.

You may or can burn up to 800 calories in an HIIT session then enjoy a treat of a double cheeseburger. The result will be a net retention of calories meaning your exercise effort is counteracted by bad diet and therefore.....pointless.

Food manufacturers also take this opportunity to make it look acceptable to eat the nutritionally deficient foods that are unhealthy if you are bodybuilding.

Here are some reasons why you canít out-train a bad diet -

You Arenít a Professional Athlete

The ďprosĒ have a consistent training program that burns lots of calories in the course of their fitness regime. You canít say the same for regular people who may end up eating more than they burn.

It may make sense if you eat high calorie carbohydrates if youíre preparing to run a marathon but not if youíre only running for two miles or a jog around the block.

Fat burning will work only if you lower your intake of calorie-rich foods so that your body can draw its energy source from body fat. Otherwise, it will be a wild goose chase.

Itís also important to state that professional athletes probably have a very strict diet plan as well as a focused mind-set so the idea of ďI can eat what every I wantĒ doesnít feature in their plans.

You Wonít Peak on a Bad Diet

To build lean muscle, you need regular intense exercises, however, if you are not on a good diet, you won't have the energy to endure the intensity of training.

Snacks like soda and fries may give you an instant sugar high but canít fuel an intense fitness session, and if you eat high-fat foods in the evening, your sleep may be disrupted, leaving you too exhausted to give your all at the gym.

For adequate endurance that can help you develop lean muscles, you should eat a healthy combination of whole grains for carbohydrates and protein, before and after a workout. Monitor your fat intake to minimize extra calories that can quickly increase your weight and also lower your performance at the gym.

It is advisable that you aim for 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbs for a healthy bodybuilding good diet.

Lose The Interest to Exercise

Whether your diet is poor or you eat too much, both will make you slow, less driven and lacking the energy youíll need to exercise.

Eating well will motivate you to exercise, and when youíre fit, you gain the motivation to eat better making this an endless loop.

Eating a low-carb diet with high fat will weaken your adaptation to training, hinder your performance while also leading to you developing a bad mood, so you wonít even want to see the gym, let alone train in it.

Toning Will Be Difficult

To look ripped, you must work on certain muscles and tone them over time Ė this isnít a quick process. When you consume extra calories, you will mainly focus on burning them instead of working to get a ripped look.

When you eat a bad diet, the fat will cover your muscles (known as visceral fat) so that even when you exercise like crazy, the muscles will not show under the layer of fat, and you wonít be able to lose fat by only doing abs exercises.

It is easier to build lean muscles if youíre not overfeeding on carbs and eating a bad diet.

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