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MRI CE2 Creatine Ethyl-Ester

Suddenly, All Other Creatines Become Obsolete!! New CE2, the new Pro-Creatine ethyl-esther technology. CE2 penetrates muscle cells in amounts up to 39 times greater than creatine monohydrate!

CE2 employs the same "ester-bond" delivery technology you find in some of today's prescription drugs. And unlike the monohydrates... It rapidly gets absorbed by all your body's creatine-dependent cells, not just your muscle cells... It does not rely on insulin or insulin mimickers for uptake... CE2 contains zero sugars and no carbohydrates... It never makes you "puffy" looking... It gives you almost instant regeneration of ATP.. It comes in convenient caplet form... It does not "down-regulate" your creatine transporters. What is it? In a word, CE2. MRI's revolutionary new creatine ethyl ester HCL. Itís unlike any creatine you could ever imagine!

Finally... You can pack on rock-solid muscle instead of "spongy" water weight! You'll know what lightning-fast "between-set" recoveries feel like! You'll spend far less time in the gym. You'll add more weight to every single one of your sets. You'll watch your intensity skyrocket! You'll blast through frustrating plateaus. You'll experience no bloating, cramping, or diarrhea. And here's the best part: you'll never have to cycle off, so your gains wont ever take abackward slide.

CE2 Side Effects

No side effects have been reported in scientific literature. However side effects of long term use of creatine are unknown.

CE2 Evalution Reviews

I am on my third week of CE2, ... My gains have went about 17 to 20lbs and gained about 5 1/2 lbs... It seems to be working for me just fine.. I like it.

Waste of money. It's CEE for like triple the money. More overpriced than their NO2 product.

This is the best product I've ever used. EXPLOSIVE gains in strength and mass. NO water retention yet. Last week I could only deadlift 405 for a single rep. 7 days later I could deadlift 410 for 2 reps. Thats the quickest strength gain I've ever had. Went from 85 pound lbs on bench to 95 on incline. I had to switch from flat to incline since my gyms lbs only went up to 100. This stuff works alright. Size, strength it does it all. I Love this product just as much as my girlfriend( maybe a little bit more).

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