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CLA Review

This product is a nutrient that is found in foods such as turkey, beef, and some dairy products.  It has been shown to be an anti-carcinogen and to reduce the adverse catabolic effects induced by immune stimulation, to enhance growth, and improve blood lipid profiles in animal studies.  Supposedly this supplement will work positively on your immune system.  Another theory is that it enhances nutrient flow at the cellular level.  A third possible benefit of CLA is its use as an antioxidant.

CLA Side Effects: A one-year continuation of the original 12-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 180 overweight subjects, showed that CLA supplementation stopped weight regain, preventing subjects from regaining the 8 percent of body fat loss in the first year and there were no CLA side effects. As with any fitness supplement, you may experience additional, unreported CLA side effects.

These would all be great results of using this compound if it worked like it was supposed to.  To be honest, I tried this supplement, even the EAS version of Bill Phillips, and couldn't tell it did a damn thing for me except empty my wallet to the tune of $29.99.  I purposely took this supplement without other supplements just to see if I could get any leaner or gain some lean mass and I did not notice any changes at all from those that are normal.  I even tried from 4 - 7 grams per day without any changes just to see if I needed to up the dosage.  My results are not out of the ordinary either.  I have yet to see or hear a good review from anyone else short of MM2K.  I would simply chalk this up as another EAS bomb like HMB.  If it does anything at all the results are just so little that you can't justify the cost per bottle.  This is just another supplement where the results that appear in the animal studies just don't translate over to humans the same way.

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