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Creatine Bloat

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How To Avoid Creatine Bloating

Anything and everything that you take has effects in your body, some may be positive and some can be negitive. Creatine, although it is considered as a generally safe supplement, can also have negative effects as well. Thankfully, they are not as bad as some products that are illegally or legally sold to the athletes, bodybuilders, and muscle enthusiasts.

One of these minor side effects from the supplement is bloating. Creatine bloat is very common and something that many worry about. This is actually a typical scenario especially if you are just starting to use creatine.

It is said that the cause of creatine bloat is because of the water retention due to the supplement. You would notice that there would be a slight increase in your weight while you are still on the loading dosage phase. But thankfully, this would only happen during the first few weeks or even days of using the creatine supplement. If you notice that your weight still increases as you progress in taking the supplement, it is no longer the fault of the creatine bloat. Studies showed that more than 70 percent of the total weight that you will gain during the whole duration of taking the creatine is due to the increase in your muscle mass.

On the other hand, if you feel that there is too much water retention in your body and your waist increases as the creatine routine progresses then start to think if you are supporting it with your lifestyle and routine. Creatine would not work on its own. It requires you to do the proper exercises and have balanced meal plan at the same time. The effect of the supplement would only end up in creatine bloat if you would depend everything on it as if it would magically create the muscle mass for you.

Consider getting an advice regarding creatine supplements from a nutritionist, health experts, or fellow gym buffs who are taking creatine as well. Do not believe the hear-says about creatine bloat especially if it comes from the person who is not aware of the advantages of taking the said supplement. When still in doubt, do your research online and ask from fellow users about any creatine bloat that they have experienced before.

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