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Creatine Chews Review

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Creatine Chews

As you are probably very aware of the fact that creatine now comes in many different forms. These different ways of getting creatine into your blood stream are something that is constantly changing as another new and innovative invention on how to supply this wonder supplement comes onto the market.

But you know all too well that with the recognition of creatine been lauded as the next ergogenic supplement that has many diverse and different opinions agreeing that it certainly is the next best thing to any and all drugs that have been tested to improve athletic performance.

Planning on getting the required 2 or 5 grams of creatine a day that you need comes from doing and planning ahead so that you do not put all your daily creatine requirement into one meal. There is now a much easier way to get your daily creatine supply and that is the new creatine chews that are now on the market and freely available.

There are quite a few different flavors that you can choose from but that is something that will change according to how the market responds to this radical new supplement now available.

Even though you might very well be a bit skeptical at first about the thought of just chewing your creatine to get the supply that you need to make a difference to your training, you will be pleasantly surprised. One may suspect a jerky type texture on the chew which is exactly what you but in different flavors.

It might taste a bit like cheap candy does but the good part is that it does not taste as foul as creatine powder tastes. The only real problem with the chews is that they have a very gritty texture, which presumably is the powder which has been placed on it.

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