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Creatine and Depression

creatine depression
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Can Creatine Help with Depression

The question can creatine help with depression is something that has led leading depression experts to examine the possibility that creatine may work better than normal prescription medications taken for depression. Before answering the question a few points need to be added about the current state of existing depression medication available.

Doing a rather complicated process called meta-analysis a study was published in the Journal of Medicine which concluded that all antidepressant medications will work no better than a standard placebo used to treat cases of depression. Antidepressants simply don't work better than a simple sugar pill in most depression cases.

A recent Korean study got 52 women who had been diagnosed with what medicine calls major depression. Every volunteer was then given Lexapro (escitalopram) which is a very commonly used antidepressant medication. The researchers then gave only half of the women test subjects 5 grams of creatine each day. The other half of the women test subjects only received a placebo pill.

It was seen on only the second week that the women taking the creatine showed that they were feeling much better and a farther interview revealed that the subjects tested were not clinically depressed, however the placebo group still scored very high in the depressed zone.

It was shown that these mood improvements continued for the full 8 weeks showing that the women taking the creatine continued to improve and stay above the clinically depressed quantification that is required by standard psychiatry definitions adhered to across the world.

The bottom line is that creatine has now proven itself to be effective against depression.

One can think for oneself exactly how and why this happens because of the ability to quickly improve any damage as it continues to help with patients suffering from neurological conditions for example muscular dystrophy. The reason is that Creatine supplementation can reduce the damage to our own genetic material you are born with, which also can increase the risk of cancer.

Creatine also stops fat from oxidizing when it is in our blood which is the main contribution to heart disease plus it will protect your nerve cells from other toxins. It seems that creatine may be able to help increase the production of the energy molecule called ATP not only in muscles but also in the brain, which may probably make it less probable to make us feel more depressed.

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Creatine and Depression

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