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Creatine Drink

Creatine Drink
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How to Make a Creatine Drink

When mixing a creatine drink we all know that there are many different options that can be chosen. However there are a few basic requirements that need to be adhered to when preparing a creatine drink especially if you are pre-mixing a creatine drink to be taken later.

Before going through the basics of the preparation of a creatine drink it is necessary to first make sure that you select a creatine form that is not presented in a liquid form as the creatine begins to degrade the moment that it is mixed with water. Never use liquid creatine it simply does not work.

If you are preparing your snacks and your protein drinks ahead of time then make sure that you keep the creatine powder separate from the water or drink that you are going to mix it with. If you do not do this then you will be taking creatine that will have completed degraded and will not have any useful creatine left in it.

Whether you are in the loading phase of creatine or just taking the recommended 5mg dose you need to make sure that when you mix the creatine powder that you drink it immediately so that it gets absorbed as quickly as possible into your bloodstream.

It is highly recommended that you consult your doctor before going on creatine if you are taking any medication that affects your blood sugar. There are some creatine powders that are deliberately loaded with extra sugar because of the increased creatine uptake with increased insulin resulting from the sugar.

Obviously when you are in the loading phase of creatine then you will need to take creatine up to four times a day to reach a total of about 20 grams a day. This is only for the first five days and you should always make sure that you space those doses out correctly like having them at breakfast, at lunch time, one when you have dinner and then the last one just before bed.

You can also calculate the amount of creatine that you need by bodyweight which is something that can easily be worked out once you have completed the loading phase. The formula is 0.15 g of creatine per kg of bodyweight which you can then divide the total amount of creatine required into 2 or 3 easily consumable amounts.

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