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Creatine Elite Series Review

Creatine Review
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Review of Six Star Creatine Elite Series

You are probably very aware of the many different types of creatine that you can now get on the market and any beginner that wants to start putting on muscle seems to have countless choices on what type of creatine he or she wants to use.

There are some creatine products on the market than cost you well over $150 a month to get your daily dose of creatine that you need. This is why Creatine elite came onto the market which was specifically developed for the intermediate and advanced bodybuilder who wants the best form of creatine without paying a fortune for it.

The new Six Star creatine launched by MuscleTech was actually launched a few years ago and continues to get rave reviews about its effectiveness. It is one of the elite series of creatine products that you can get which will not cost an arm and a leg to keep you going. It is currently available at most retail stores seen nationwide and will cost you only $15 for a jug that weighs 2.5 lbs.

So the obvious question is what difference is there to normal creatine and why does this stand out from the crowded marketplace of creatine so well. The answer seems to be in the way that the difference creatine elements have been combined. The elite series of creatine contains three different types of creatine. First there is the highly respected standard of creatine supplentation which is creatine monohydrate plus creatine phosphate as well as creatine pyruvate. But it also contains several different types of amino acids like taurine as well as lipoic acid and inositol and the very effective L-phenylalanine.

But that is not all you get when you purchase this elite creatine as you will also get the much raved about "Nitric Oxide Activators" like the essential amino acids of L-arginine, L-arginine pyroglutamate as well as L-arginine HCI. It is these ingredients that will help to encourage your body to produce more of the very necessary nitric oxide that you need. It has been shown in a few studies that even a very small addition to these vital ingredients can dramatically improve your athletic performance.

If there is any disadvantage of using this elite creatine mix then it has to be the fact that they have added a fortune of sugar to the drink which usually comes in a fruit punch flavour. The reason why there is so much sugar added is because research shows that sugar is able to help the body to utilize the extra added creatine.

But the addition of sugar is dramatic when take this elite creatine as you get an extra 42 grams of sugar when you take this elite which is even more sugar than you get in a Coke can which is only 39 grams of sugar. This is important if you are cutting down on calories to lose fat at the same time.

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