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Creatine FAQ

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What makes up a Creatine and where does the Creatine comes from?

Creatine is a natural nutrient that is produced in the body by the kidneys and the liver. It can also be found in foods such as fish and steak. There are 3 amino acids that make up the Creatine namely the methionine glycine, and the arginine.

What is the function of Creatine in the body?

The Creatine actually serves as the body’s supplier of energy. However, it cannot be used by the body until it is converted to Phosphocreatine. Only then that the converted Creatine may give the muscles as well as the nervous system its needed high amount of energy which is essential every time the body makes quick movements.

Is it safe to take Creatine supplements?

Yes it is. Although a natural nutrient, it would also help if you take Creatine supplements especially if you are doing strenuous activities on a daily basis.

Who are the common consumers of Creatine supplements?

More often than not, those who take Creatine supplements are the athletes as well as the weightlifters. Because their trainings and their profession requires them that quick energy burst, Creatine supplements would aid them in increasing their performance level especially during and after an workout or event.

What is the recommended dosage when taking Creatine supplements?

The amount of Creatine supplement varies depending on the body of the person who will take it. People who are more than 200 pounds can actually take as much as 10 grams of Creatine supplement on a daily basis provided that there will be enough liquid intake to prevent adverse effects including intense muscle cramps.

Are there reported side effects of Creatine?

There are only a few cases where the side effects of Creatine were reported. Some of these common adverse effects of the supplement include muscles cramps, stomach cramps, or strains. However, these minor side effects would only occur if you consumed a lot of Creatine without drinking enough liquid to hydrate your body. Remember that Creatine draws the water away from your organs that is why staying hydrated is very essential.

Who can use Creatine? Is there an age limit?

Creatine supplements can be taken by teenagers and the even the old people as well. The older you are, the more Creatine is needed to help you get that much-needed energy for your activities.

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